MIURA redefines everything you thought you knew about cold coffee.


MIURA's Flash Chilled process emulates the Japanese-Style of iced coffee in a ready-to-drink masterpiece. Typical Cold Brew coffee sold in major chains is steeped for long periods in cool water before being filtered and bottled. Conversely, MIURA Coffee is brewed hot with precision, then rapidly chilled to lock in all the newly released flavors and delicate aromatics.
The result is a bold and layered, yet surprisingly refreshing and drinkable taste that has never been experienced outside of the kitchen and café in a RTD form. Through our coordination with passionate experts, and meticulous efforts, we’ve finally been able to do what’s never been done before with a ready-to-drink coffee - delivering craft quality on-the-go.

Although the Japanese-Style of making iced coffee has been used for many years for individual consumption with standard sized pourover devices, the goal for creating MIURA was scaling this nuanced process up to bring the unique taste and experience of Japanese-Style Iced Coffee to coffee lovers everywhere. MIURA remains true to its Japanese influence to deliver an exceptional cold coffee experience to the masses with zero compromise.


Boasting beautiful vanilla tasting notes and caramel aromas, our MIURA Classic is samurai smooth with a clean finish. Never too bitter, with just the right amount of kick from the coffee.


Infused nitrogen provides a creamy head and velvety smooth mouthfeel to compliment MIURA Classic’s signature flavour profile. All of the layered complexity of the Classic taste, with a richer and fuller finish.