Destiny is not a straight road. It twists and turns and takes you to places you didn’t expect.

Adam Lewis, MIURA’s founder sought out different ways to make his own cold coffee. After following a recipe to make traditional Japanese Iced Coffee for the first time, he was blown away and said one taste immediately made him feel like a connoisseur, picking up on distinct and delicious tasting notes.  

“The world needs to experience this,” he thought. “I want to bring Japanese Iced Coffee to every coffee drinker I can.”  He made it his mission to be the first to bring this taste experience to those who shared a lifestyle of being busy and on-the-go while also demanding the same level of quality he and many coffee drinkers long for.

Soon, Adam learned to master the delicate balances and precise crafting that goes into every cup of Japanese Iced Coffee. From there, he fulfilled his mission of emulating the Japanese-style of Iced Coffee and bringing a ready-to-drink version to a wider market.

“My vision for MIURA was to live at the intersect of two prominent aspects of coffee culture in Japan. On the one hand, there is canned coffee or known there as kan kōhī, which is ubiquitous throughout the small island and found on just about every street corner. On the other hand, you have a coffee shop culture with baristas who take so much pride and honour in brewing the perfect cup every time that they are revered globally for their skills and abilities. So on one end of the spectrum, we have some of the highest quality baristas serving up incredible cups of coffee, and on the other hand, you can pay ¥100 (about $1), for a kan kōhī, both of which are hugely integral to the country’s culture. I wanted to marry those and introduce it here at home.”

With MIURA you can get the best of both worlds, the convenience of a can and uncompromising quality. Our patent-pending Flash Chilling Brew process recreates this experience can after can. But that’s for you to find out for yourself.